Benefits of having an electrical panel upgrade

electrical panel upgrade is a step to a safer home

electrical panel upgrade is a step to a safer home

Getting an electrical panel upgrade must be a priority for homeowners who are having electrical issues or are looking into acquiring more appliances and electrical devices. Upgrading electrical service, after all, is a good way of ensuring that electrical emergencies such as electrical fires are kept at bay. Green Electric Solutions

Electrical panel upgrade involves getting new circuit breakers and upgrading the existing ones. This paves the way for a better and safer electrical system since it can handle a bigger electrical load without the wires overheating or breakers tripping.

Who needs an electrical service upgrade?

Well, not every home will need an electrical panel upgrade. Usually, homes that are built more than 20 years ago may need an upgrade since the appliances, devices, and energy needs of the household will surely have increased. This means that their energy demands are no longer compatible with that which is provided by their existing breaker. Coronado

Those renovating their homes should also strongly consider upgrading their electrical panel because for sure, along with their renovation will come upgraded appliances that demand more power than ever. Upgraded electrical service is indeed a must.

Other situations that all for an electrical panel upgrade

Below are some other scenarios that call for an upgraded electrical panel:

  1. The house still uses a fuse box. Fuse boxes are no longer deemed safe, as it is not as efficient as an electrical panel when it comes to preventing electrical issues. Since fuse boxes are a fire hazard, most insurance companies would refuse to insure a home that still utilizes one.
  2. When adding new high-powered appliances at home. For instance, if upgrading from a split-type air conditioner to an electric-powered HVAC system; getting a new higher capacity washer and dryer; a bigger refrigerator, or a new chest freezer.
  3. Over-dependence on power strips and extension wires. over-dependence on power strips and extension cords only means one thing: there are not enough power sockets in one’s home. The best and safest solution to this is upgrading the electrical panel, which can make way for more power receptacles.
  4. Flickering and dimming lights all over the house. Symptoms of an electrical wiring problem can be solved by an electrical panel upgrade. Flickering and dimming lights clue into a possibly faulty electrical panel that could lead to serious electrical issues. Fallbrook

Upon determining a need for an electrical service upgrade, homeowners should get in touch with a licensed electrical contractor. Only a residential electrician can safely carry out an upgrade, as self-installation of an upgraded panel could lead to serious electrical issues, injuries, and refusal of insurance companies to cover possible damages.

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