How young families can avoid electrical injuries

Curious kids can get electrical injuries

Curious kids can get electrical injuries

Electrical injuries at home are usually avoidable, especially for older children and adults who are aware of electrical safety measures. It is a different matter altogether though for very young children. Since they hardly understand instructions, nor know safety boundaries, they are highly vulnerable to incurring electrical injuries. The worst thing about this is that some do not get to survive the accidents they meet. Green Electric Solutions Website

Babies and toddlers are known to be very curious. First-time parents must know that babies should never be left unattended in rooms where they could reach electrical fixtures and appliances. Below is a list of what young children can do to electrical fixtures that could compromise their safety:

  • Poke power receptacles either with their finger or anything sharp
  • Play with wires and cords
  • Accidentally douse water on power receptacles, extension wires, and power strips
  • Plug and unplug appliances
  • Stumble on extension wires
  • Play with loose wiring
  • Childproofing electrical fixtures

The best way to stay safe is to childproof the whole house. As soon as a baby starts to crawl, parents should be conscious enough to ensure the electrical safety of their child by childproofing all areas he could access. The best person for the job is a licensed residential electrician who can replace all sockets at home with a Tamper-Resistant Receptacle. While this is required for new homes, that were built way before this guideline was implemented still use ordinary receptacles that could put any kid in danger. Escondido

There are outlet covers too that can work, but parents should make sure that those little prying hands could not get through the covers, as this is the case, especially for covers that are not too sturdy.

Be conscious

The bathroom is one of the most common spaces where fatal electrical emergencies can occur. Parents should make sure that no electrical device can be brought into the bathroom, and that children should never use their electronic devices there. Remind them time and again to never charge their IPADS and phones in the bathroom as well as they could get tempted to use them while their hands are wet or they could even bring them with them in the tub.  La Jolla Location

Educate the kids

Parents should also never assume that the kids are aware of electrical safety measures. The lesson may be taught in school but it is still best to remind them about the safety rules every now and then. It is also best to let them know what to do when there are electrical emergencies. For instance, remind them never to touch someone who is receiving an electrical shock.


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