Power Transformers Explained By Your Electrician Orange County

One of the most important parts of our everyday electrical systems are power transformers. These important components help to keep our electrical current uniform while it is being transmitted to our valuable electronic devices. This helps to protect both our devices and ourselves from the dangers posed by harmful and non-uniform electrical current.

Because our devices become more delicate and complex each year, many different types of transformers are in use every day. These transformers will take our standard electrical current and decrease the amount that is flowing through a particular circuit. The most popular types of transformers include isolators, audio, high voltage, step-up, step-down and current transformers.

Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers are most often built into a device to help measure the amount of electrical current flowing through an electrical system. They are able to control fluctuating current levels so that they can prevent the system from malfunctioning. Whenever this type of transformer detects excessive levels of electricity, it will work to lower the level of electricity flowing so that the machines connected to the circuit do not become damaged.

Resonant Transformers

Resonant transformers use a process called leakage induction to create one or more resonant circuits. This can be very useful when it comes to creating high voltage that is suitable to the use of many gadgets and devices requiring a high voltage level.

Polyphase Transformers

Polyphase transformers are used to assess the different components of a multi-phase electrical system. They use linked magnetic circuits to bring multi-phase power to the device that is connected.

Though you may at some time or another need to choose a specific type of transformer to accomplish the purpose that you need, most of this is accomplished behind the scenes by our talented electrical engineers and your electrician in Orange County. If you have any questions about transformers, or your electrical system in general, please don’t hesitate to give Green Electric Solutions a call today.

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