San Diego Electrician – Preventing Electrical Fires

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the cold, winter months typically bring about quite a few home fires. While some of the obvious culprits, such as fireplaces may immediately come to mind, there are other, perhaps more surprising causes of many of these fires. One of the top causes of fires during this time of year is the space heater. This type of appliance will often cause a fire due to improper placement or other poor usage practices. Space heaters and other appliances also require adequate ventilation in order to ensure that the generators and other important parts within continue to work in the way that they were designed.

Here are a few tips to help you avoid fires from portable heaters and other appliances:

Vent Properly

Proper ventilation is required for a number of reasons. Any time that you install an electrical appliance, there is a recommended ventilation area that you should keep clear of this appliance. Whether this is something that you have installed yourself, or with the help of an electrician in San Diego, it is important to respect this space.

Place Heaters Near The Center of the Room

Space heaters can be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your home comfortable during the winter. Whenever they are placed too close to curtains, furniture, paper or other flammable items, however, they can lead to potentially deadly fires.

Take Care of All Cords

Whenever you have any type of electrical appliance in a room, it is important to put it in a place where the cord will not become damaged. When cords become damaged, they can lead to electrical shocks or even fire depending on what they come into contact with. Always inspect all cords before using any space heater or other small appliance.

By following these tips, and only using these appliances when you are awake and nearby, you can stop most of these fires before they even happen. For more electrical safety tips and advice, head on over to the Green Electric Solutions website at www.electrical-pros.com.

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