Electrician in Orange County – Different Types of Commercial Clients We Serve

At Green Electric Solutions, we take pride in the service that we provide to both our residential and commercial customers. Although we serve a large number of residential areas, we also provide regular service to a number of different types of commercial customers. These customers require a different type and level of service than is typically required in home electrical work. There are special considerations and equipment required, depending on the type of business that is being serviced. As an electrician Orange County, we have the skills, equipment and resources required to tackle any electrical job. The following are some of the types of commercial customers that we provide service to:

  1. Office Buildings – The electrical systems within office buildings require special planning, especially in buildings that must frequently re-organize and change the way their space is laid out.
  2. Warehouses – Whether it’s the industrial lighting in the ceiling, advanced packing and shipping equipment or any other type of electrical work, our team can handle it.
  3. Restaurants – Restaurant work can be an interesting task. Restaurants, as a rule, are very rough on their electrical systems, because of the amount of use that they get, and the often wet environment that is present. As a result, specialized systems equipped with GFCI outlets and other applicable technologies are required to create a tough electrical system that can not only run, but keep running to ensure that business never stops.
  4. Apartments – In addition to the different electrical tasks that must be taken care of on a regular basis, apartment complexes are home to a variety of different relationships between tenants, handymen, owners and landlords. Because of this, a certain approach is required, rather than the type of approach required during a standard residential electric job.

Regardless of the setting, the Green Electric Solutions team is prepared to take on any and all electrical jobs that you have. Please don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

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