Different types of electrical wiring systems used in residential properties

There are different types of wiring systems used for residential properties. Expert electricians say it is helpful to be familiar with the types and features of each kind of wiring to help homeowners stay safe.

Expert electricians are encouraging homeowners to keep themselves informed about residential electrical safety, as people are encouraged to spend more time at home nowadays. According to them, now more than ever is the best time to campaign for electrical safety since there is a marked increase in people working from home, learning from home, doing business at home, and are discovering the joy of hanging out in their abode. Green Electric Solutions

Electricians say it is better if electrical safety is turned up a notch, especially when there are young household members, who can be curious about electrical fixtures and could end up getting hurt. Affordable Prices! Locally Owned and Operated!

Types of Electrical Wiring

Non-Metallic Cables are the usual wiring used in residential properties to conduct electricity. These Non-Metallic Cables usually have two types of wires inside that carry energy throughout various circuits within the property. These two wires are wrapped in a non-metallic sheathing. And while it is wrapped, it is still best to not touch these wirings as it can cause electrical shocks or even electrocution. How a Licensed Electrical Contractor can Save you Money for your El Cajon home

Underground feeder cables or UF Cables meanwhile carry a huge amount of voltage and making it dangerous. It is designed for underground use, even in wet locations. It is usually utilized for major home circuity and should only be handled by licensed electrician contractors.

Low Voltage Wire. This is the wiring system used to power sprinkler systems, doorbells, home speaker systems, home thermostat systems, and wiring for landscape lights. Since it is low voltage, it does not carry a substantial electric shock risk, however, electrical experts still advise homeowners to exercise caution when working around this type of wire. Aluminum Wiring Replacement

THWN Wires meanwhile are the exposed wires usually used for electric-powered home equipment like the garbage disposal units, as well as water heating systems. THWN stands for Thermoplastic Heat Resistant Rated for Wet Locations and Nylon Coated wiring. These wires have a color code, and though they are exposed through the house, homeowners are discouraged from touching or manipulating these wires.

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