Different types of light switches

There are various kinds of light switches used in residential properties. Apart from safety and convenience, it could also help in setting the mood in certain rooms of the home. Likewise, it can help boost productivity and complements the overall interior design of a home.

This article will discuss the several types of light switches available for home use. It is important though that homeowners understand that changing or replacing light switches requires professional electrician servicing to help avoid electrical hazards and physical injuries. Circuit Breaker Tripping Off

Different types of light switches

Toggle light switches1

Toggle light switches are the most common type of light switches used in both residential and commercial properties. It is simply the type of switch, toddlers love to play with as soon as they realize that they can manipulate the lights by toggling the contraption.

There are two typical styles of toggle switches and this includes the single toggle switch and then the double toggle switch. A single switch usually controls just one light contraption, while a double can be used for another one or more. Resetting Circuit Breakers

Pole decorative switches

Pole switches are much like the toggle switch but they go from left to right instead of up and down. : Like the toggle switch, a contraption can be single poled or double poled. Some even come with a light indicator that could tell the user if the light is turned on or off. Green Electric Solutions

Dimmable light switches

Dimmer switches have grown its popularity lately, with newer homes opting to install dimmer light switches in areas where ambiance will be much appreciated. For instance in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms with tubs, dimmer lights help set the mood as it helps control the amount of light used in a said room. House Rewires

Rocker switches

Rocker switches are hardly used at home, but some homeowners also employ this type of switch in areas where such a heavy-duty fixture is useful. These include garages and other work areas within the home.

Smart light switches

Smart light switches allow maximum convenience for any homeowner as they can hook up to mobile phones, allowing remote-controlled switching of lights. It is also programmable and can be accessed remotely or outside the home.

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