Orange County Electrician – All About Copper Wiring

Copper wiring is by far the top choice for electricians and electrical companies across the country. This is because copper is one of the best materials for this type of job, due to its special properties. Copper wiring, for example, is highly malleable and extremely ductile. Furthermore, it has very good heat and electrical conductivity. Another reason that your electrician in Orange County prefers copper wiring is because it is rust proof and very strong. Because of this combination of properties, copper wires can carry electrical current over a longer distance than many other wiring materials.


Copper wiring has an excellent electrical conductivity, which is actually greater than most non-precious metals. In comparison with other materials, it can carry more electricity for the wire’s diameter. Over time, copper wires also experience less loss over long distances. This combination of high-capacity, conductivity and energy retention make copper perfect for conducting electricity for both short and long distances.


In addition to its ability to conduct electricity efficiently, copper wiring is also very durable. It is ideally suited for a variety of locations because it is resistant to corrosion. It can also withstand extreme environments better than alternatives, meaning that it will wear down slower. This durability helps to keep this wiring material as a favorite of your Orange County electrician.

Although there are different types of wiring, copper wiring has by far become the gold standard in the electrical industry. Outdated technologies, such as aluminum wiring, have been shown to expand and contract, leading to separation at connections. This can not only cause electrical disruptions, but dangerous short circuits, electrical shocks and even fires. If your home is not currently equipped with copper wiring, get in touch with Green Electric (electrical-pros.com/electrician-orange-county-ca/) today. We’d be more than happy to inspect and upgrade your older electrical system with new, copper components.

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