Ask an Electrician in Orange County – What is an Electrical Arc?

An electrical arc forms whenever electricity flows between two electrodes. This connection causes a sort of electrical bridge, or arc to form. This arc is visible to the naked eye, and creates ideal conditions for lighting, welding and other purposes.

Lighting, for example, makes use of an electrical arc in order to create a consistent light source. To do this, an arc is closed into a container that is typically made of glass or plastic. The air surrounding the arc helps to facilitate the creation of light, and can be changed into different types of light depending on the gas that is present in the vacuum.

Another common purpose of the electrical arc is welding. An electric arc welder makes use of two metal rods that are supplied with an electrical current. Whenever these rods touch another piece of metal, they generate heat great enough to melt the two metals together.

Although electrical arcs can be very useful when used and controlled properly, they also present a danger whenever they come unexpected. Electrical arcing, when outside of a controlled setting, can lead to dangerous electrical shocks and fires. If the wires within your walls become deteriorated, for example, this can result in an electrical arc forming between two wires if they touch. Whenever this happens, it causes the circuit to short circuit, often causing high levels of heat and other dangerous situations.

Because of the dangers presented by uncontrolled electrical arcs, it is important to have your electrician Orange County perform a regular electrical safety inspection to ensure that your electrical system remains both safe and secure. This type of inspection should be done at least every ten years, and will include checking your electrical outlets, light fixtures, wiring and more. If you notice arcing during the everyday use of your electrical devices, such as when you plug into an outlet, give our team at Green Electric Solutions a call today. We also have more information regarding electrical safety available at www.electrical-pros.com/electrician-orange-county-ca.

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