How to prevent electrical fires

How to prevent electrical fires

How to prevent electrical fires

Electrical fires can happen in any home. Even newly constructed properties can catch electrical fire especially if the electrical system is poorly-installed, or the fixtures used were substandard or low-quality. Older homes or those constructed more than 10 years ago are also at risk especially if it does not undergo annual electrical safety inspections.

The highest risk though is antiquated houses, built more than 25 years ago. It is highly possible that the fixtures within these homes are no longer up to code. Green Electric Solutions Website Older wirings are also more likely to fail, and usually, the current electrical service can no longer meet the electrical demands of the household.

Is it possible to avoid electrical fires?

Electrical fires can happen in any home, and no one can guarantee 100% prevention since accidents can indeed occur. The good news though is, for the most part, the usual causes of electrical fires can be avoided. Vigilance, knowledge of safety measures, and professional maintenance are important when it comes to avoiding such damaging and injurious problems.

Home inspections prevent electrical fires

Home inspections can prevent electrical fires since it discovers issues even before it worsens. Carmel Valley Location The homeowner should take time to inspect his whole house periodically to see whether there are obvious electrical problems. Things he should watch out for include:

  • Loose power receptacles
  • Malfunctioning light switches and dimmers
  • Frayed or worn-out wiring
  • Weird sounds coming from outlets, switches, and the breaker panel
  • Invest in an annual electrical inspection

Property owners should also invest time and money in professional electrical safety inspections conducted by licensed electrical contractors. Central SD Office Green Electric Professional inspections could discover electrical issues that could spark fires in the long run. Moreover, an electrician could also immediately act on existing electrical problems to prevent them from escalating further.

An electrical contractor can also recommend fixtures that are due for upgrading. For instance, if the current electrical service can no longer meet the demands of the household, then the contractor can upgrade the service right away.

Never forego repairs

Homeowners should refrain from shrugging off what they think as minor electrical issues because chances are these electrical issues are serious that they could spark an electrical fire. For instance, constant tripping of the breaker, or dimming of lights throughout the house, are all red flags when it comes to electrical safety. Such is indicative of wiring and power overload problems that could cause fires.

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