How to avoid electrical accidents at home

Electrical accidents can happen in any home. The chances are much lower though in homes where adequate safety maintenance is carried out, and safeguards are in place. Electrician contractors can help out in ensuring a safe electrical system in any home.

Electrical safety experts say negligence and ill-maintenance are the number one cause of electrical injuries in a house. The chances of incurring injuries are much higher in homes with young children. Child-proofing the house is crucial to avoid electrical accidents that could turn into fatal injuries. Electrical Panel Upgrades

Maintenance is key in ensuring electrical safety

A well-maintained electrical system is less likely to cause electrical injuries and accidents. For instance, if electrical problems are brought to the attention of an electrician right away then homeowners can avoid possible electrical accidents.

Sometimes, homeowners tend to shrug off electrical issues like loose receptacles, malfunctioning light switches and failing power outlets, flickering or dimming lights, and fluctuating power supply. These are all signs of an electrical problem, and the worst thing a homeowner can do is ignore them. Green Electric Solutions

Avoid electrical DIY

Next to ignoring electrical issues, the next worse thing a homeowner can do to an existing electrical problem is to carry out Do It Yourself (DIY) work to fix it. DIY work is notorious for inflicting electrical injuries and could even lead to electrocution.

Refrain from using extension wires

Extension cords and power strips are highly likely to cause electrical accidents. Apart from causing possible physical injuries due to the wires, spilling water into the power strip or extension plug is a sure way to sustain fatal electrical injuries. Moreover, the use and abuse of power strips can cause electrical overloading, and overheating of circuits, which in turn can cause electrical fires. Get in touch with a local residential electrician who can help install additional power outlets in the house safely. GFI Outlets – Highly Increased Safety

Childproof the house

Homeowners should childproof their homes, as children make up a significant chunk of electrical injury victims that are brought over to hospitals. Homeowners should make sure to use Tamper Resistant Receptacles, and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Outlets where applicable. Moreover, adults should always monitor children especially when electrical contraptions and appliances are within their reach. As soon as they can understand, parents should teach children about electrical safety.

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