Why professional ceiling fan installation matters

Ceiling fans are helpful in every home

Professional ceiling fan installation is important to ensure the safety of the whole household


Mounting a ceiling fan may seem like an easy job for homeowners who are used to carrying out self-installation and may have some tools at home. The truth of the matter though is that unprofessionally installed ceiling fans cause injuries to homeowners not to mention property damage. La jolla Location https://www.electrical-pros.com/electrician-la-jolla-ca/

And while it may seem practical to carry out the installation on one’s own, the whole family’s safety should always come first. Only a licensed electrical professional has the equipment and expertise to safely install a ceiling fan.

The dangers of DIY Ceiling fan installation

A DIY ceiling fan installation is downright dangerous. First, it is a danger to the person mounting the ceiling fan especially if he is just using a makeshift ladder. Escondido Green Electric https://www.electrical-pros.com/electrician-escondido-ca/ Falls can occur at any time, and it is all the more dangerous when someone is carrying a heavy ceiling fan while hoisting it up on the ceiling.

Another possible danger is electrical shock or worse, electrocution. If a person is not knowledgeable about basic electrical work, wirings, and circuitry. He can easily sustain an electrical shock while trying to install a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans can fall from the ceiling

Another possible nightmare that comes with DIY ceiling fan mounting is the unit falling on the ground. If a non-working ceiling fan falling onto people is already dangerous, what more is a ceiling fan that is currently being used? Serious injury and property damage will surely ensue. Central SD Office Green Electric https://www.electrical-pros.com/central-san-diego-electrician/

DIY Ceiling fan mounting may spark electrical fires

Improper ceiling fan wiring may spark electrical fires. When a ceiling fan is wired incorrectly it can overheat, causing possible fires and lighting up combustible objects near the wires.

Get an electrician to install a ceiling fan

Only an electrician can correctly and safely install a ceiling fan. For one he has the appropriate equipment to mount it on the ceiling, such as ladders and power tools to ensure ease of installation. More importantly, he has the training and expertise to carry out such a task. He has mounted various types of ceiling fans and for sure he has the safety knowledge and experience in installing the one that the homeowner has chosen.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, a licensed electrician has insurance that could cover possible damage and accidents that would result from the installation. This means that whatever happens the electrical contractor can guarantee a safe job out of the installation request.

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