San Diego Electrician Explains Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Most of us are familiar with the benefits and purposes of indoor ceiling fans. They lead to lower energy bills, better air circulation and a more comfortable environment within our homes and other buildings. Similar to the benefits that you get by installing an indoor ceiling fan are the benefits that you get from outdoor fan installations. In addition to the breeze that they create, outdoor ceiling fans also create a downdraft that is difficult for many insects to fly through. As a result, they can be instrumental in controlling the amount of bugs on your patio.

Similar But Different

Although the basic form and function of outdoor and indoor ceiling fans are the same, there are still many differences. Because they are located outdoors, outdoor fans must be built to withstand heat and cold, sun, wind and humidity. Fixtures designed for indoor use are prone to rust and deterioration if used outdoors. To ensure that all wiring is performed safety and that your fan is securely affixed to your structure, you should always have an outdoor fan installed by a qualified electrician in San Diego.

Fan Choices

When choosing a fan, you now have an almost unlimited variety of choices. In contrast to the bland, basic fans of the past, designers and homeowners have demanded and developed more aesthetically pleasing fans to better highlight and create the desired atmosphere. In addition to basic look and feel, you will want to choose an outdoor fan based on size and features. One of the most popular features that can be added to a fan is a light. This can help you accomplish patio cooling, comfort and lighting at the same time.

Whether you choose a highly decorative fan to accent your style, or something simple and functional, an outdoor fan can be a great addition to any outdoor space. At Green Electric Solutions, we will be more than happy to help you with the selection and installation of any outdoor ceiling fan of your choosing. For more information regarding our company and ceiling fans, head on over to our main website at Electrical-Pros.com

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