How dedicated electrical outlets ensure safety at home

Large and high-voltage appliances and electric-powered devices usually require a dedicated power outlet where they could draw energy. Most homes have dedicated power outlets for refrigerators, washers, and the like but any additional appliance installation usually requires a corresponding electrical outlet.

Unfortunately, not every American home could have enough dedicated power outlets hence overloading and overheating occurs. To avoid such types of electrical issues, homeowners should familiarize themselves with the types of home appliances and home electrical devices that require a dedicated power circuit and receptacle. Common Electrical Upgrades During your Home Remodel in El Cajon

Appliances that require a dedicated power outlet

Below is a list of appliances and electric-powered home devices that require an exclusive power circuit. If there are no dedicated power outlets for such appliances, then the homeowner should ask a licensed local electrician to install one in their home. Here is the list:

1. Air Conditioners. Regardless of the type of air conditioning units, all ACs need a dedicated power outlet. Apart from its sizeable power requirement, ACs are used on a round-the-clock basis, and therefore it needs an exclusive source of energy. Green Electric Solutions
2. Washing Machine and Dryer. The home washer and dryer need a dedicated power outlet for each since these two machines require a substantial amount of energy to operate. Never plug these devices on ordinary power outlets, especially on extension wires.
3. Dishwasher. A dishwasher also requires a significant amount of electricity to operate. Having said this, homeowners must use a dedicated power outlet for this kitchen appliance. Why Choose a Local and Licensed Electrician for your Escondido Property
4. Refrigerators and Freezers. No matter the type and size of the refrigerator, chiller, or freezer, this type of equipment requires a power outlet for its exclusive use. Like an air conditioning system, it draws a lot of power, and at the same time, it is used 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
5. Electrical Oven and Microwave Oven. These two types of electric-powered ovens require a dedicated circuit that could provide the power requirement that these devices need. Homeowners should seek a dedicated power outlet if they have none for these.

Ask for professional electrician installation

Homeowners should leave the installation of dedicated power outlets to electricians. Self-installation presents a huge safety risk that includes electrocution, and possible electrical fires.

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