Electrician in Orange County – Installing a Ceiling Fan

For an efficient, cost-effective and fairly simple way of increasing both the comfort and energy of your home, ceiling fans are perfect. A ceiling fan has the unique ability to circulate warm air during the winter and create a breeze during the summer. This can help you lower the load on your heating and air conditioning systems year round. The end result is a more comfortable home at a much lower utility cost.

The Basics

Despite the fact that ceiling fans are relatively easy to install, it is highly recommended that you have any electrical fixtures installed by an electrician Orange County. This is for several different reasons. The primary of these reasons is safety. When working with electricity, you must take many safety precautions to make sure that you are safe throughout the installation, as well as after the installation. This means that all local codes and ordinances must be followed to ensure the safety of your home and those within. Fan placement is also an important consideration that your local electrician can help you with.

Fan Placement

For a fan to operate at its maximum potential, it must be positioned and placed in the proper location. To maximize its output, place your fan in the center of a room with at least two feet of clearance from all walls and sloped ceilings. For rooms with high sloped ceilings, you can find drop rods and other mounting devices that are designed to bring your fan down to the proper height. Ceiling fans should be mounted at least seven feet from the floor for safety reasons.

Any of our technicians at Green Electric Solutions would be more than happy to help ensure that your ceiling fans are installed both safely and at the proper positioning. Please feel free to contact us at any time to talk about ceiling fan installation or any other electrical need that you may have.

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