Dealing with electrical outage during winter

Every homeowner should know how to safely deal with electrical outages during winter

Every homeowner should know how to safely deal with electrical outages during winter

Winter storms are almost synonymous to power outages. And while this happens year in and year out, the discomfort it brings continue to hound homes especially those that fail to prepare for winter power outages.

This article will discuss the different ways to prepare for a winter power outage. Since outages could mean that there will be no heat, it is crucial to stay prepared for this threat. Green Electric Solutions

Why electricity goes out during winter storms

Electrical outages usually occur during the onslaught of winter storms due to snow accumulation on trees. Sometimes when the trees could no longer bear the load of piles of snow falling on them, they collapse on power lines and cause subsequent power interruption. El Cajon Office

For underground power lines, snow accumulation on tree roots are also the culprit for outages. When snow piles up on the roots, it can damage the underground electrical supply lines, and cause outages.

Dealing with electrical outages

The best way to deal with power outages during winter is to prepare for it. Winterizing the whole house by ensuring that it is fully insulated could help in keeping heated air within the house when power outages disrupt heater operation. Preparing winter clothes and blankets ahead of the storm can also save the homeowner the worry of finding thick clothing and beddings in the dark. National City Location

Stocking up on food, and other emergency essentials, including enough drinking water is also important when dealing with massive winter outages. Medications, as well as first aid kit, and battery-operated torches and crank radio are likewise important during power outages.

Unplugging electrical appliances

Homeowners should unplug high-powered appliances as soon as electricity goes out. This is to prevent damage in case of power surges. A whole house surge protection system is very helpful for any property since it will protect appliances as well as the whole electrical system from damaging power outages. Also, it is best to wait for the power supply to stabilize upon resumption of electrical power, before plugging in the devices.  It is a good idea to have a whole house surge protector installed by a licensed residential electrician even before winter sets in to prepare for possible winter power outages.


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