Four Common Electrical Problems Seen By Your Electrician in Orange County

Although there are many different ways that electrical issues affect your home and belongings, there are four basic electrical problems that homeowners face on a regular basis. Each type of occurrence is just as important as the others, and all can lead to a very dangerous situation, including electrical fire, shock and death. Luckily, most of these issues are very easy to address, as long as they are looked into quickly.

The Power Surge

Whenever there is a sudden increase or change in electrical current, it is referred to as a power surge. This can cause circuits to overload, leading to lost power and additional damage. Whenever your appliance become damaged by a power surge, there is not a whole lot that you can do. Your best bet is to prevent a surge from happening by using surge protection strips and having your electrician Orange County install a whole house surge suppression system.

Intermittent Power Problems

Whenever you have issues with intermittent power, it is typically a sign that wiring issues are present. This can be caused by loose or improperly fastened wiring. When investigating this type of problem, start by tracing your electrical cable to the outlet that it is plugged into. You should look for fray, wear and exposed wiring. If you find any of these, give Green Electric Solutions a call right away to see if we can repair the issue.

Redundant Wiring

Whenever homeowners try to run their own electrical wiring, it often results in redundant wiring. Do-It-Yourself wiring is often dangerous because it may not be properly capped and terminated.

Overloaded Electrical Circuits

If you plug too many items into a single circuit, it can cause the circuit to become overloaded. Although you may be tempted to use more power strips to plug in more items, this can actually lead to dangerous overloading and overheating. Whenever your circuit trips frequently, consider having a technician out to take a look. One of our skilled electricians at Green Electric Solutions would be more than happy to see why that particular circuit trips.

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