Avoiding Electrical Overloading during the Holidays

How to avoid electrical overloading during the holidays

How to avoid electrical overloading during the holidays


 Electrical overloading is commonplace during the holidays given the sudden increase in electrical demands of the most household. While beaker panels are there to ensure that overloading will not lead to electrical fires, there are instances where breaker boxes could fail, and the overloading could cause irreversible destruction in a property.


Fortunately, there are ways to avoid overloading an electrical circuit. But first and foremost, is households should know what causes electrical overloading, how to avoid it, and what are the signs that one of their circuits is overloaded.


How does a circuit get overloaded?


Circuits get overloaded when someone plugs in too many devices that demand a power supply that is much bigger than what that circuit could provide. When power strips or extension cords are used, and it could accommodate more appliances than what a socket could, then most likely that circuit could be overloaded. Central SD Office Location


When high-powered appliances like washers, dryers, ovens, refrigerators, space heaters, and air conditioners are plugged into ordinary circuits, overloading could occur as well. For this reason, most electricians provide a dedicated circuit for big appliances that need a significant amount of power.


How to prevent overloading during the holiday


Having every family member at home most of the time, makes utility bills go higher, given the additional power demand. It also creates the need for more receptacles, if there is no need for additional outlets. But if there is over-dependence and almost permanent use of extension wires then most likely, power overloading could occur during the holidays. National City Office


Holiday decors like string lights and electric-powered decorations could also add a massive load on circuits. This is especially true for lights that are daisy-chained or are plugged in onto extension wires or power strips. Homeowners should make it a point to seek the assistance of a licensed electrician in installing an external power supply.


Household heads should also ask an electrician to upgrade the power supply in their house and install additional power receptacles. These additional outlets are meant to respond to the power supply shortage in their home or to respond to the additional demand for electricity due to having more people home or installing holiday decors.  


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