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Most customers pay lower electric bills from Day 1

If the initial investment in Residential Solar Panels is standing in the way of you embarking on the path to energy independence, there’s no need to let that stop you.  Solar companies have recently wiped away this barrier by financing the price of parts and installation. You pay the price of the solar energy against the balance of the array and installation, as well as your standard energy bill. These two bills combined are usually less than your electric bill before solar. The cost savings over the years will continue to increase even as electric utility rates go up. You can save money in several ways:

  • You lock your solar panel into a fixed price for the life of the agreement, sheltering you from the average 5 percent increase in electricity prices.
  • You start using less energy right away, which is reflected in your bill. Most users see an instant reduction in their overall bill.
  • Cost savings increase as part of your bill remains at a fixed rate and electricity rates increase.

In addition to the tremendous cost savings, you’ll be part of the new, greener energy system, reducing your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. In the area, solar energy rises to meet the demand, since your panels generate the most energy on the hot, sunny days when your air conditioning is used the most.

Electric Rates Rise an Average of 5% a Year

Residents in the following states are eligible for leasing agreements with no up-front costs:

The size and sun exposure of your roof, along with the size of your electric bills will determine the benefit you derive from solar panels. We’re ready to help you navigate the entire process of installing Residential Solar Panels. Give us a call and we’ll get an estimate for solar panels for your home, without even visiting your house. Thanks to satellite data, we can give you a quote within minutes and start planning you energy future.

Will The Panels Ruin The Appearance of Your Home?

Many homeowners are concerned about the visual aesthetics of solar panels. Of course, the primary concern is energy and we align the panels to get the maximum sun exposure. We also do our best to blend the panels with the façade of your home for minimal interference.


Solar panels are generally pretty low maintenance, but as a customer with a solar company, we cover any maintenance and insure panel operation. If you suspect malfunction or are experiencing insufficient power, give us a call and we’ll be out to ensure optimal power from your solar panels.

Will The Power Company Buy My Electricity?

When your panels are running at peak power, they generate more electricity than you require and the excess energy is sold to the electric company.

What Happens If I Sell My Home Before The Lease Ends?

Residential Solar Panels usually increase the value of your home, increasing the likelihood of purchase. Given the energy savings, new residents are likely to keep the panels and take over your lease agreement. If they aren’t interested, we’ll decommission the panels and terminate the lease.

Can You Monitor The Performance Of Your Panels?

Every system comes with an in-line monitor so you can track the performance of your panels. We’ll teach you how to read and monitor your meter for panel failures.

What Is A Performance Guarantee?

Under a performance guarantee, a solar company gives you a solar power generation figure in writing before installation. When performance falls below that quote, the company pays the difference.

Financing Options for Residential Solar Panels

  • Pay no money upfront and lease, with a likely lowering of your monthly utility immediately
  • Make a customized down payment, and additionally reduce your monthly energy bill
  • Pay the entire lease upfront, and then make no monthly solar lease payments
  • Purchase a solar panel installation
  • Solar companies in some utility districts offer a zero money upfront solar panel installation along with a Power Purchase Agreement rather than having a lease. This is very similar to a lease with reductions in your monthly energy bills.

If you’re interested in investing in a stable energy future, give us a call so that we can help to determine if your business or home is suitable for solar. we’ll take a look at your roof on a satellite map, and we’ll be able to calculate that solar power will probably save you money and recommend a solar company to you. There are a variety of plans to meet most budgets and credit situations. We’ll find the perfect plan for you to take advantage of the sun!

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