Landscape Lighting

Adding landscape lighting is a great way to accentuate important features of your yard while adding security and value to your home. If you have a certain outdoor atmosphere in mind, we will be more than happy to help you make it happen. Is there a certain part of your garden that you want lit up? Are there dark areas that need safety lighting? Do you have water effects to show off? What about your backyard? We can help you light your yard, your deck and everything in between.

You should consider illuminating the following:

  • Driveways – Welcome guests and increase your safety.
  • Stairs and Pathways – Help your guests navigate at night.
  • Trees – Create the feeling of spaciousness in your trees at night.
  • Pools – Create cool lighting effects through the rippling water.
  • Decks – Make your deck a place to hang out and relax at night.
  • Fountains – Bring attention to the beautiful burbling in your garden.
  • Plantings and Lawns – Light up the special places in your yard.

We have the experience to light your yard so that:

  • Visibility for passing motorists is not affected.
  • Light does not spill into unwanted areas.
  • Your view of the night sky remains unobstructed.
  • You save energy through the use of solar lights, timers and energy efficient light bulbs.

We help to automate your lighting by installing:

  • Motion Detectors
  • Photo cells
  • Timers

To ensure that your lighting will be long lasting and weather resistant, we use a variety of high quality water resistant light fixtures.

If you have any questions about landscape lighting, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will help you put together the perfect system for increasing the usability of your yard in a beautiful way.

Landscape Lighting in San Diego
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