Generator Installations and Maintenance

In the event of a power outage or an emergency situation, San Diego residents like you can rely on the backup power of an emergency generator to help you weather the storm. Nothing can replace the security of continued power during a time of uncertainty.

A backup generator is designed to temporarily restore power to your home or business whenever the power goes out. Smaller generators are built to maintain power to crucial appliances such as refrigerators and lights. If you have a larger generator, you can even power your entire building.

When you work with us, the generator installation process is simple. We build any necessary pad, purchase the generator of your choice, and then install it into your electrical system. Take a moment to call and talk to us about your choices of generators. You could save your family hours or days without power just by talking to us.

We’ve been installing generators in San Diego and the surrounding areas for homeowners and businesses alike for years. When it’s time to install a generator, you can turn to Green Electric Solutions.

Installing a generator is more complicated than simply setting it outside your home and plugging it in. A perfectly installed generator will turn on within moments of a power outage and provide you with seamless electrical service. Continued electric service makes it easier to look after your family and address the situation at hand whatever it might be, rather than worry about the power.

Steps we take to install a generator:

  • Assessment – We’ll do a thorough assessment to evaluate your present power demands and find the best generator for you. Choosing a generator that is too large might be a waste of money and one that is too small will quickly run through fuel without sufficiently meeting your needs.
  • Installation – A generator in the wrong location can be a huge eyesore or it could pump hazardous fumes into your home. We’ll find a place for it that’s out of the way so you won’t even remember it’s there – until you need it. We install concrete pads for the generator to sit upon and we’ll get it properly connected to your electrical panel through a transfer switch.
  • Transfer Switch – A transfer switch is the easiest and best solution for changing your power supply to a generator. Choose from a manual or automatic transfer switch to perfectly suit your situation.

Remember, an emergency is a less than ideal time to discover that your generator isn’t working properly. Annual maintenance will help your generator function at its optimal level when the time arises for you to count on it.

You’ll never regret having a functional generator installed at your San Diego area home or business in the event of an emergency. Let Green Electric Solutions help you out with the perfect generator that will fit your every need.

Generator Installations in San Diego
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