Up until 1950, many home electrical systems utilized cloth insulation. Although this wiring may look like its modern counterparts, this type of insulation can be very dangerous, leading to shock and/or fire.

Do You Have Cloth Wiring?

If your house was built before 1950 and has wiring that looks like those in the picture, then you probably do.

Cloth Wiring Deteriorates

Cloth wiring is dangerous because the cloth can deteriorate, becoming brittle. It can then fall off of the wire in chunks, leaving bare wires. Bare wiring is very dangerous because it can shock anyone who touches it. It can also lead to fire if two wires ever touch.

Ungrounded Cloth-Insulated Systems

Cloth-insulated electrical systems were often left ungrounded. By grounding your electrical system, you are providing an additional path for the electricity to go in the case of a malfunction.

In addition to protecting you from dangerous shocks, grounding your electrical system can also help protect your electronics from low-level power surges and electrical buildup. This can add several years to the lives of many of your electrical devices.

The most important reason to have a grounded electrical system is to protect your family, pets and guests from dangerous electrical shocks.

Safety Upgrades

It is our recommendation that all cloth-insulated wiring systems be upgraded as soon as possible to ensure that your home has less danger of fire or electrical shock. If you have any questions about your wiring, or believe that you may have cloth-insulated wiring, please give our in-office technician a call for an over-the-phone consultation or to schedule a free home safety inspection.

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