Rather than blowing cool air into a room to bring down the temperature, ceiling fans work by increasing circulation and creating a wind chill effect. Their use is very common in summer, but many people are unaware that ceiling fans can also be used to help keep us warm in winter.

Ceiling Fans Circulate the Air

During the summer months, your ceiling fan works like a breeze, creating a flow of air that helps to evaporate the perspiration on your skin. This effect can make a room feel a few degrees cooler. In order for this to work properly, the fan should be blowing air downward onto you. This is typically accomplished by rotating your fan counter-clockwise with the upturned edges leading.

To use your fan to warm your family in the winter, you should use the reverse button on the fan to change the direction the air is flowing. By circulating your air upward, you are helping to recirculate the warm air that has risen to your ceiling. In this case, your fan should be rotating clockwise with the downturned edges of the fan blades leading. Furthermore, by circulating the air upward, the wind chill effect that is great in summer does not make you feel cooler in winter.

Use Less Electricity

You may want to consider ceiling fan installation in your home. Because much less energy is required to spin a ceiling fan than an air conditioner or furnace, you can feel much cooler for less money with a fan. Keep in mind, however, that fans offer no benefit to you when you are out of the room. Make sure to turn them off.

Ceiling Fan Varieties

Ceiling fans come in many varieties, and there is sure to be one that perfectly fits your style and the size of your room. Some of the more advanced fans even come with dimmer switches, which can help you save even more electricity. As you lower the light level in a room, you use electricity. We will be more than happy to help you install any ceiling fan that you choose to purchase.

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