Electrical fires are one of the major causes of residential fires in the City of El Cajon. The good thing is, most electrical fires, if not all, are entirely preventable. With a bit of legwork, maintenance, and cautious electrical use, electrical fires can be kept at bay.

So how to prevent electrical fires in El Cajon? Here are some tips:
1. Schedule an annual electrical maintenance check without fail. Year after year, every El Cajon residential property owner should ensure that an electrical safety inspection check is carried out in his home by a competent El Cajon Electrician near me contractor. These thorough checks can identify possible issues that may cause fires, electrocution hazards, and even unwarranted spikes in electrical bills. Once detected, the licensed electrician should address the matter right away.
2. Avoid overloading a power outlet. Make sure that power outlets do not utilize octopus connections that can cause plugs to spark and start a fire. Moreover, overloading can cause wiring problems too. Make sure as well that appliances that require a high level of electricity have a dedicated plug and circuit to avoid tripping the breakers. How a Licensed Electrical Contractor can Save you Money for your El Cajon home
3. Avoid using malfunctioning appliances. Sometimes electrical fires are caused by faulty appliances. If appliances, especially those that generate heat like cookers, dryers, and more, have been malfunctioning, have it repaired or discard them.
4. Please do not rely on extension cords, and do not overcrowd its plugs. This may cause electrical overload, which can, in turn, spark an electrical fire.
5. Pay attention to sockets and switches. If they spark whenever an appliance is plugged in, or if the plate surface is hot to the touch or discolored, then the fixture may be overheating, including the circuits that serve it. Immediately get in touch with a licensed residential electrician in El Cajon, California, to address the concern.
6. Know the red flags. Burning smell? Smoke coming out of the breaker panel or the outlets or any appliance? Sparks in any of the fixtures around the house? All these are signs of a brewing electrical fire. Know all these warning signs, and make sure to have the emergency contact information of a local El Cajon electrician who can respond on an emergency ASAP.
Knowing how to deal with electrical fires is also crucial in staying safe. Research about it and inform everyone on the household so that they, too, can be prepared.